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3G rule for photo studios? NO!

The so-called 3G rule from a 7-day incidence of 35 was introduced for all businesses that provide services close to the body. Body-hugging services are provided in particular by hairdressers, cosmetics and foot care companies, as well as nail salons. 
On the other hand, this does not include separators or photographers, even if they have to touch the customer as part of their services.

What applies to photographers?

Photographers are allowed to take pictures of all groups as they came together. The photographer is not responsible for ensuring that the contact restrictions and the distance requirement are adhered to.



What applies to craft businesses with customer traffic?
All craft businesses with customer traffic are still allowed to open, regardless of how high the 7-day incidence is, i.e. even if the incidence is above 35, 50 or 100. There is no longer any need to differentiate between whether the company only provides craft services or whether it is also trading. The same hygiene requirements as shown below apply to all companies. Only slightly higher requirements apply to companies that provide services close to the body.



Hygiene requirements:

What generally applies to craft businesses?

   Mask requirement
The mask requirement only exists in buildings and closed rooms.
Customers and staff must at least wear medical masks.

The mask can be removed if the type of service does not make it possible to wear the mask (e.g. when taking photos).

When customers or staff have taken a firm seat, standing or work station and are 1.5 meters away from the next person, they can take off their mask.
Written protection and hygiene concept for customer traffic.

A minimum distance of 1.5 meters between customers and between staff and customers is only recommended.

All craft businesses, including those with customer traffic, are allowed to open, no matter how high the 7-day incidence is.



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